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About Us

Welcome to our website!

We are a friendly local gardening group in St Albans. Come and meet other people who enjoy everything that is garden-related. Some members have a lot of experience and some have none, some know plant names and some don’t. What matters is that we all enjoy gardening, listening to interesting talks, and being with like-minded people. Why not come along to a meeting?

Next Event
Tuesday 14th January: What NOT to do in a Small Garden
Open to members and guests - With Patricia Fox from www.aralia.org.uk

Next Plant Sale
Annual Plant Sale 2020
We have our annual plant sale on the second Saturday in May (next one 9th May 2020).  It is held at London Road Residents Association Hall in Cell Barnes Lane AL1 5AX (map here), opening at 9.30 am, and running until 12 noon.  We have perennials, both usual and unusual, bedding and hanging basket plants, vegetables and a few shrubs.  Teas are sold in aid of Rennie Grove Hospice.  Parking available.

Schedule of Events 2020

Date Presenter Subject
14th January What not to do in a small garden With Patricia Fox from www.aralia.org.uk
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11th February Blaze of Glory – autumn in the garden with Timothy Walker
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10th March A year in a Hertfordshire garden with Brenda Harold. Going through 2019 in our fairly large but not posh garden, seen from my botanical outlook including weeds, butterflies, badger track etc. (and some gorgeous Rhododendrons and things).
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14th April Don’t underestimate the potential of the Darkside with Lynne Moore from Moore & Moore Plants. She will be bringing plants.
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12th May History of the Garden Gnome You won't want to miss this! Presented by Twigs Way.
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9th June Wetland Wildlife with the brilliant and highly entertaining John Tyler. A tour of the plants and animals to be found in ponds, lakes and streams, looking at the ways in which, from marine land-loving ancestors, they have become so beautifully adapted to life on, around and beneath the water.
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23rd June The Summer Sortie A wild coach adventure open to members and guests. Gardeners' Forum go mad in Worcestershire - taking in Morton Hall Gardens, the Rose & Crown public house, and Meadow Farm. For more details, see the booking form here.
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14th July Garden Visit This is something of a placeholder that does rather depend on someone saying "Oh, go on then - you can all come round mine!". If you are loving your garden, and getting pleasure from all the hard work you are putting in to it, why not share it with others? If you are considering opening under the NGS, or just wanting some supportive feedback from kind like-minded people, then this might be a really good first step. If you're interested in taking part, please use the Contact page, or speak to one of the Committee. The date can be changed to suit you.
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8th August Coach Trip to Hyde Hall Saturday day out at RHS Hyde Hall for the Summer Flower Show and Plant Fair. Full details and booking form are here.
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11th August Barbecue It's bound to rain, but at least there will be cake involved.
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8th September E A Bowles A fascinating talk by Bryan Hewitt. Everything you always wanted to know about Edward Augustus Bowles. If you want a teaser with possible spoilers, click here.
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13th October Grow your own Vegetables With Geoff Hodge - there will still be things you can plant!
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10th November AGM + Jane Austen’s Gardens All the thrills and excitement of our Annual General Meeting, plus a fascinating talk by Jackie Bennett
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8th December The Gardeners' Forum Christmas Party For many, the high-point of the annual social calendar, with Christmas food and cheer. Hearty carols, and lashings of cake and mince pies.
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When we meet:

We hold an inspiring and informative programme of talks every year.

All talks are themed around gardening, and cover a variety of topics for different levels of gardening skill - from general gardening and plant advice, to garden history and design.

Our meetings are always on the second Tuesday of the month, and start at 7:30pm. They typically finish around 9:00pm. All talks are free of charge to members.

Visitors are always welcome, entrance fee is £3 per talk. Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee after the talk.

Where we meet:

Age Concern Hall
1a Hall Place Close
St Albans

Become a member:

Our membership fee is only £14 a year, payable in January. If you join after August, the membership fee is reduced.

To join:
- go to the contact page
- complete your details
- enter "I want to join" as your question or comment
- hit SUBMIT

We will then email you your Welcome Pack.

Visit our Contact page here to get in touch or raise any queries.

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