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Welcome to our website!

We are a friendly local gardening group in St Albans. Come and meet other people who enjoy everything that is garden-related. Some members have a lot of experience and some have none, some know plant names and some don’t. What matters is that we all enjoy gardening, listening to interesting talks, and being with like-minded people. Why not come along to a meeting?

Next Event
Sadly, due to the current Covid-19 situation, our face-to-face Events schedule is suspended. Hopefully, by the time of our next meeting, in September, life will be a little more normal. We will keep this page updated as decisions are made. We will also post updates on local social media.

Next Plant Sale
Annual Plant Sale 2020
This year, the event did not take place, however the plants were donated to charities. The 2021 Plant Sale will be on Saturday 8th May 2021 - definitely something to look forward to!

Schedule of Events 2020

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When we meet:

We hold an inspiring and informative programme of talks every year.

All talks are themed around gardening, and cover a variety of topics for different levels of gardening skill - from general gardening and plant advice, to garden history and design.

Our meetings are always on the second Tuesday of the month, and start at 7:30pm. They typically finish around 9:00pm. All talks are free of charge to members.

Visitors are always welcome, entrance fee is £3 per talk. Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee after the talk.

Where we meet:

Age Concern Hall
1a Hall Place Close
St Albans

Become a member:

Our membership fee is only £14 a year, payable in January. If you join after August, the membership fee is reduced.

To join:
- go to the contact page
- complete your details
- enter "I want to join" as your question or comment
- hit SUBMIT

We will then email you your Welcome Pack.

Thank you for joining!

Visit our Contact page here to get in touch or raise any queries. Come to our meetings and your garden could look like this...

st albans garden of a group member

Local Events

Covid-19 Update: At this point, we're assuming that nothing will happen this side of July - but things are starting to return to some sense of normality with some NGS openings able to happen. We will do our best to keep this list updated.

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